SiVerta Corporate Overview
SiVerta Overview

As the RF industry has been faced with ever increasing demands from the
marketplace to deliver products with more complexity, longer battery life,
and higher performance, designers have come to recognize the value that
MEMS technology could bring to RF applications. MEMS products promise
to offer substantial improvements over semiconductor solutions in the
areas of signal loss, isolation, signal purity, and design simplicity.
Unfortunately these hopes have often been frustrated by the challenges

associated with MEMS technology that have prevented large-scale
commercialization. SiVerta’s technology breaks this impasse by delivering
all the benefits expected of RF MEMS in a package that is manufacturable
in high volumes, can be handled by standard assembly equipment,
and brings a highly competitive cost structure with the current solid-state
industry. The proprietary SiVerta technology also provides superior
reliability and performance.

The benefits of SiVerta’s RF MEMS switch design include:
1. Increased battery life due to low power requirements and very low
   insertion loss
2. Single and multi throw devices with the same very low insertion loss and
   high isolation properties (<0.2dB insertion loss & >50dB isolation)
3. Significantly reduces design criteria for board space and number
   of components
4. Extends base station coverage and reduces dropped calls
5. Extends range of EDGE & 3G base stations for data services
6. Does not require the cost and size constraints of an external
   hermetic package
7. Devices cover a very wide bandwidth (0.8 to over 6 GHz)

One of the key issues as it relates to broad commercial utilization of
RF MEMS has been the cost associated with high volume manufacturing.
SiVerta has been able to develop a patent-pending manufacturing process
that substantially decreases the cost structure, bringing component costs
in line with or below the costs of building products with current
semiconductor components. The significant advancement SiVerta has
made is not in inventing a new difficult-to-manufacture process, but
instead it is uniquely putting together existing processes in innovative ways
to create a low cost manufacturing process, with the low cost infrastructure

necessary to manufacture the devices competitively in high volumes.

Some significant milestones/details include:
1. SiVerta has successfully proventheir wafer level sealing process works
2. SiVerta's RF MEMS wafer was placed through a standard dicing/sawing
  process, proving that their finished wafers can be handled like a normal
  semiconductor type wafer,  thus proving the large scale manufacturing
3. Current samples are showing excellent performance